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"We used to have empty rooms, but now we have our website, our rooms are full all the time!"


Kavieng Niu Lodge asked me to update their site to include new facilities. And Gertruthe Merebo, matriarch of the family that owns KNL remarked: "We used to have empty rooms, but now we have our website, our rooms are full all the time!" What better result could you ask for? The site is doing exactly what it was made for -- selling rooms. We can build a hard working site like this for you. Call 7384 7177 today.

Recently we added integrated display and print materials to the mix to help drive customers to the website -- see below. Integrated messages sell!

  • We make websites that make sales for you -- we write, photograph, and edit for content so that your site sells hard on every page. We back up your website with emails that sell too.
  • We make advertisements that sell, that make sales for you -- not just fill space in the newspaper or time on radio or TV.
  • We write, photograph, design, and lay out print ads, flyers, brochures, booklets, and books, that persuade or sell, and deliver to you "ready to print" files which you own.
  • We write and direct for radio and TV.
  • Everything we produce for you is honed to sell or persuade -- to grab the attention of your target audience and move people to do what you want: buy your goods or services, contribute to your campaign, donate to your cause.


Bushtrack Enterprises is expert in business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) marketing, advertising, and sales communications in all media. We have extensive experience with not-for-profits.


We are the experts you hire to work for you. We make our money by creating the best ads, websites,  marketing, and promotions we know how, and you pay us for that.

You own the ad we create for you so you can use it when, where, and how often you like.

That can mean HUGE savings for you -- so you  actually save while you boost sales!


Call me today on 7384 7177 or email so we can discuss how effectively and economically we can help you.

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Geoffrey Heard


We produced Kavieng Niu Lodge's website first (above) then produced integrated display and print materials (below) to support it and drive people to the site.  The results are all you could wish for -- see Gertruthe Merebos's testimonial (above right).

We can do the same for you. Call us today on: 7384 7177.

KNL banner1

A 2.2 meter banner for trade show and general use. We integrated that with the Kavieng New Lodge's website and brochure for maximum impact and sales potential, of course!

KNL brochure

A simple DL (99x210mm) brochure (both sides shown here) complements the banner at shows, etc. Both point strongly to the website -- the detailed brochure that lasts and lasts so you can safely spend only the minimum on print.

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